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Why a Built in Fridge is Better Than a Stand Alone Fridge?

If you are looking for a new house decoration or a kitchen renovation you will come across to a problem that whether to get a built in fridge to get an extra space in kitchen or to go for standalone fridge only. The decision is driven by two main factors firstly space and design consideration. For most people space is the primary factor. If you have plenty of room space the counter depth stand alone or even a full depth stand alone can be designed to minimize the relative bulk and get a pleasant design.

If there are narrow house having modest kitchen can hardly accommodate he standalone fridge. There are two aspects to a built in fridge in this regard also. If part of the kitchen design is relatively narrow, it will be difficult to move the fridge and clean from the side areas, which is unnecessary in a built in fridge. Looking to the cost also built in refrigerator seems to start from $5000-$6000 on the low end. On the other side standalone comes in around $3000. If you have space constraint in your kitchen it is worth spending extra amount in such built in.

Build In Fridze Why a Built in Fridge is Better Than a Stand Alone Fridge?

Although it depend fully on you, that what you personally feel about whether it is worth it or not. In some neighbourhood it would be seen as cheeping out if you did anything else and resale people would begin to wonder about what else had been done cheaply that they couldn’t see. A built in can lend you a lot of great style. It looks larger because it disappears, and provides same space as the standalone will provide. Only you can answer if it is worth to you. If your budget is tight and you are someone who cooks by own then it is advisable to invest in cooking appliances before looking to a refrigerator or a dishwasher. If you don’t cook then microwave and cold storage becomes more important to you. Worth is a very relative term, so if you have money then get it, this will never make you regret on the investment you are planning to make.

If you are home owner and use to rent your house to others then built in fridge is advisable for your home as you can charge extra for the additional facility you are offering to tenant. Also the facility will help the tenant to minimize his expense on purchasing new assets for the household and they can invest such money for future expenses. These built in fridge comes with almost all the same features and facilities as the standalone fridge and they have defrost system at the down side of the fridge so it is easy to maintain. This system is derived by proper research and necessity of the people and with an aim to make the life simple and easy through various available products. Things have same usage but the small different features they have play more important role in attracting buyers.

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Genelia • November 14, 2013

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