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VNPR- A New Way to Tackle the Problem of Illegible Number Plates

 VNPR  A New Way to Tackle the Problem of Illegible Number PlatesWhen it comes to traffic safety rules and regulations extreme care needs to be taken care of. Major countries have been facing the issue of installed illegible number plates. Many countries have installed traffic control system in order to track the movement of vehicles on the road interstate as well as on the outer of the state.  Initially to track the movement of vehicles and to observe their flow, the government ensured to place CCTV Cameras in the nooks and corners of the roads so that they can track vehicles. But in spite of this also the problem of illegible number plates did not resolve and hence they had to come up with some other alternative. Hence Vehicle Number Plate Recognition invented. VNPR is a short form of Vehicle Number Plate Recognition.

Brief History of VNPR:

The birth of VNPR took place in the city of United Kingdom. After a lot of technological trials, the Police Scientific Development Branch invented VNPR in the year 1976. Initially the prototypes were being used. Thereafter, contracts were being made and as time passed gradually, many countries have installed it. There are other names in which VNPR is used. They are as follows:

a) ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

b) Automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR)

c) Automatic vehicle identification (AVI)

d) Car plate recognition (CPR)

e) License-plate recognition (LPR)

f) Lecture Automatique de Plaques d’Immatriculation (LAPI)

g) Number Plate Recognition (NPR)

Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America have installed ANPR system. Implementation of ANPR is yet to happen in India.

What is VNPR:

VNPR is an intelligence mass surveillance method to track and identify the vehicle with the help of their number plates. It is used by the police forces. This system has been placed in Public and Private Parking’s, Toll Collection Centers, in border areas, General Traffic Management and for tracking stolen cars or Vehicles involved in any criminal acts. ANPR works with the help of an ANPR Software. This software uses optical character recognition to track vehicle number plates.

How VNPR works:

VNPR requires a Capture Unit, ANPR Camera and Illumination, Sensor Unit or Motion Detection and an ANPR storage device. Once the vehicle reaches the sensor unit area or line, the CPR system software starts working. It scans the vehicle number plate and Camera captures the picture of the plate as well as vehicle. The time is also recorded. This information is then sent to the storage devices of the operating system and also saves a backup.

Advantages of VNPR:

It had been seen that a lot of vehicles were involved in the criminal acts. The criminals used to replace the plates in a fake manner. The police forces then implemented the VNPR system which indeed brought a lot of positive effect after its installation. All the vehicles were then tracked and hence it became easy for them to track in any situation. VNPR indeed helped in resolving the problem of illegible number plates. VNPR acts as a boon for tracking the speeding limits as people drive rashly and at very high speeds exceeding the limit as well.


Eunice Shiloh • March 29, 2014

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