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T1 At Home – Who Would Benefit The Most From It

When a home owner weighs his options as far as Internet connectivity is concerned, there are quite a few choices that may be discarded because of the high cost. On the face of it, a T1 connection is probably a very good example of such an Internet connectivity.

There is no denying the fact that T1 connections are probably one of the more expensive options simply because:

  • It offers resilience and robustness which, typically, a business organization needs.
  • T1 service providers backup their offerings with the best possible service level agreements which can come at a high price.
  • The data carrying capabilities of a T1 connection are, typically, more useful for a business organization.

But if you are mentally prepared to shell out the costs or price involved, then getting a T1 at home can be an extremely beneficial thing. Indeed, there are quite a few categories of home owners or individuals who will benefit more from a T1 line at home.

Getting professional grade services

Most telecom service providers do offer a higher level of professional and technical support to their offerings or products when there is a business client involved. Even though the services for individual customers are of high standard, they may not always be backed up by professional grade services. But, getting a T1 at home can get an individual to enjoy the support of some extremely effective and professional services as well.

Data carrying capacity

If an individual is doing some kind of job at home which involves lots of data transmission, then he will certainly benefit with a T1 at home. A T1 at home offers a bandwidth of 1.5 megabits per second. With this power, a home owner can transmit all kinds of images and also enjoy voice and data lines on a continued and sustained basis. So, people who are working in financial trading, medical sectors and so on will certainly benefit from the data carrying capacity of a T1 line.

Dedicated bandwidth

With a T1 line at home, an individual can certainly enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated bandwidth. Most broadband services for homes are shared. But with a T1, an individual gets dedicated bandwidth which simply means that there is no loss of packet data, latency and so on. High-quality services as far as a T1 line goes is something that is pretty much guaranteed.

Need for reliable services

Even a home owner will need reliable services as far as access to the Internet is concerned. And, the extra costs may not mean too much if such an individual is pretty demanding as far as Internet connectivity options go. So, if price is not the main criterion and instead reliability and availability of connection is far more important, then a T1 at home is perhaps the only option available for a homeowner.

At the end of the day, it is probably the individual who is running a professional business from home who stands to benefit the most from going in for a T1 at home


sonali22chauhan • October 11, 2013

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