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iPhone 5 Skins Will Revitalize Your Favorite Device

The makers of the iPhone 5 have done a great job creating a device that appeals to millions of people. Most of these consumers have some type of covering over their device, allowing them to protect and personalize their phone. Skins are coverings that fit onto the phone without adding bulk or changing the feel of the phone in the user’s hand.

iPhone 5 Skins iPhone 5 Skins Will Revitalize Your Favorite DeviceDbrand uses official 3M vinyl to create all of their skins. This means that there will be no residue left on the iPhone 5 from the adhesive if you choose to remove the skin. Dbrand measures their vinyl patterns right down to the millimeter; especially for the iPhone 5. Materials used are the highest grade that can be located, allowing the skins to perfectly fit the device.

Dbrand makes unique iPhone 5 skins, providinga wide range of options for their customers. Options are great when it comes to phone skins; after all, users buy skins to customize their phone. Available in various lively colors, purchasers can choose from simple shades of black and white or vibrant colors, such as green, pink, purple and blue. Dbrand also offers three different texture finishes, including leather, brushed titanium and carbon fiber.

Titanium is a beautiful finish which has the look of metal without an ounce of metal used. Remember these skins are completely vinyl. Carbon fiber is great for purchasers looking for strong material. Carbon fiber cases come in various colors and provide added style and protection. Leatheris a popular option as many consumerswant to give their phone a sophisticated look.

There are many brands of iPhone 5 skins that are on the market. But, for those who want more than a standard adhesive skin that is stuck on the phone like a sticker, Dbrand’s texturized skins are what you as a customer should be after. From the highly stylized skins to the incredible textures, and finally to the unique individualization, dbrand is the way to go.

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Justin Parklawn blogs about the technology industry, with a particular interest in the newest ways to protect and personalize smartphones. If you are looking for quality iPhone 5 skins online, Justin highly recommends dbrand 3M skins which offer both protection and style.

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Jane Aire • August 15, 2014

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