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Get A CRM System That Integrates All Departments Choose A Comprehensive CRM Solution

crm software Get A CRM System That Integrates All Departments Choose A Comprehensive CRM Solution

CRM solutions can include many levels of service, each of which provides varying levels of customization and support.

As a business owner or manager, you know that maintaining customer relationships is the life-blood of your business.  In order to maintain and cultivate those relationships, you need a good staff, but you also need the right tools to keep your staff connected and informed.  The sales team needs to be able to update customer service about which services a customer is using and any concerns the customer may have about the products.  Marketing needs to be able to determine the success or failure of a campaign based on how many leads become paying customers.  And over all of the other departments, management needs to be ale to access a full picture of the company’s current situation, without waiting for reports to be generated.  A comprehensive CRM solution can help your business at a number of levels.


The most obvious place that CRM can help your business is with the sales department.  CRM solutions utilize integrated office software to provide the best information possible about potential clients.  The simplest way to accomplish this task is with a customer data sheet that contains all relevant contact information, and one that is accessible by all employees of the company ensures that the customer data is available whenever it is needed.  However, there are other solutions that can provide even more information.  A comprehensive CRM solution that uses social media integration can link into your LinkedIn, account and show connections or relationships that you may have with a potential customer.  This can help you get in the front door or make scheduling meetings easier, because you will not be making a cold call on a potential customer.

Customer Service

You employees in customer service are greatly helped by the connected nature of a CRM solution.  They will be able to assist existing and potential customers with concerns they may have and can ensure that the customer experience is positive from start to finish.  More robust CRM solutions will work with you to create customized call center portal so that employees in the call center can find all of the necessary data to assist customers.  The highest level of CRM service will help you establish customer self-service portals that are integrated into your CRM solution.

Intra-Company Cooperation

As your employees work on large projects they will need to be able to communicate with each other effectively.  Rather than clogging inboxes with basic exchanges, a CRM solution offers a platform for workers to collaborate, share ideas and update colleagues on the status of various parts of the project all on a single screen that every member of the team has access to.  Employees can see which tasks have been completed in the automated project guideposts and will know immediately what the next stage of the project needs to be and when it needs to be completed.  Managers can oversee the progress of the project and enforce project and task deadlines, while simultaneously encouraging and motivating team members.

Growing businesses, no matter how large or small, need a way to manage customer interactions.  In order to provide the best experience for your customers and your employees, look into finding CRM solutions for your business.

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Jack • January 14, 2014

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