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Can Bespoke Cloud Services Make My Business Run Better?

cloud services 300x214 Can Bespoke Cloud Services Make My Business Run Better?It can be argued that bespoke cloud services can help your business to run more efficiently; this can be understood in a number of ways, from how a bespoke cloud service can offer a clearer infrastructure than public cloud services, through to how security and tools can be enhanced. Outsourcing your cloud services can also help you to run your business’s IT infrastructure in a more cost effective and scalable way.

Public vs. Private Clouds

Many businesses opt to use public cloud services, which can involve paying for extra storage, or for access to enterprise platforms and other business tools. Temporary subscriptions can be set up for particular projects, and can enable you to run many services without having to download them or buy software. However, private clouds that are designed for your business can give you much more value in terms of accessibility and quality services.

Bespoke Cloud Services

Cloud services can be developed for your business around specific storing needs, as well as around particular applications and tools that can be run within your existing infrastructure. In this way, you can hire a company to develop bespoke cloud services that include a virtual desktop, enterprise software, and versions of proprietary software that aren’t available to the public. These programs can be designed to replace or improve upon existing tools that you’re using, and can enable you to take advantage of specialist programming skills that you may not always have on-site.

Some of the tools that you can use to increase the performance of your business can include customer relationship management tools, which can involve data mining and database features. Other services might include email archives, offsite backups, and collaborative tools for writing apps. You may also want to set up a dedicated phone system or VoIP, as well as fax services and hosted exchanges for running your business in as secure a way as possible.

Privacy and Security

Cloud service providers can offer infrastructures for storing sensitive data online, and can set up private clouds that can include extra layers of encryption and more back ups. The support available through bespoke cloud services also tends to be excellent, with 24/7 troubleshooting and information available for when something does go wrong; this means that a cloud service or a full enterprise system can be restored as quickly as possible.

Investing in hybrid cloud services that are tailored to your business can ultimately offer a safer way to take advantage of browser based and other online applications, without having to be concerned about data loss. Given the recent controversies over data theft and tapping, there are many benefits to being able to set up your own private cloud that’s protected from public internet crossovers and potential blind spots for data. It’s worth, then, considering how bespoke cloud services can be used to run applications for your business that are more suited to your needs, and more secure to use in the office and remotely.

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simonhopes • June 1, 2013

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