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5 Ways to Attract Inbound Links to Your Infographics

5 Ways to Attract Inbound Links to Your Infographics 300x120 5 Ways to Attract Inbound Links to Your Infographics

If you’ve never used infographics to promote your blog, website or small business, it’s truly well beyond time for you to get started. Infographics are the perfect networking tool. They’re visual, fun, informative and easy to share. And best of all, once you post them in your network you can use them to attract inbound links. The goal is to create content that’s engaging, and then allow people to share it on their blogs, websites and social network pages. These inbound links give you the opportunity to connect with millions of potential customers, readers and clients, many of whom you wouldn’t have had the chance to reach in any other way. But how to make sure you are appropriately targeting your infographics? Here are five ways to attract inbound links to your infographics.

Infographics are designed to share information. The goal is to do so in a compelling, visually striking way. But instead of just sharing facts you think are interesting, use an infographic as a way to teach. By showing your fans how to do something, you are naturally encouraging them to interact with your other product releases. The “how to” infographic, if designed well, sets you up as an expert in your field. Customers would much rather use and share a strong “how to” infographic than spend hours pouring over a complicated user guide.

The most valuable infographics for your brand will prove how your product or service is superior to others out there, and detail some of the benefits offered. Again, by staying within the constructs of the infographic you are guaranteed to present any marketing copy in a much more interesting way. The average attention span is plummeting, so if you want your customers to read through dense statistics you’ve got to lay it out there in as compelling a light as possible. Just make sure that you provide real value while promoting your brand. If it feels like advertising, you won’t get the type of inbound links you crave.

An infographic is a quick and easy way to share the big picture with your followers as well. This is actually a great help when approaching the design process. Instead of packing every single data point into an infographic, consider paring down the details and making it as minimal as possible. If you can present the total informational picture with less detail, you’ll garner far more inbound links. No one wants to bore their network with an infographic packed with data. Keep it simple and focused on the big picture, and you’ll be much happier with the results.

Is your industry changing fast? This is frequently the case, as emerging technology continues to transform the day-to-day lives of most professionals. So consider using an infographic as a primer on how to adapt to these changes. In the vast majority of instances change is a good thing. But you have to know how to approach it to properly take advantage. If you can present data on the latest changes in your industry, the infographic will spread like wildfire.

Finally, share actively yourself. You can post all of the infographics you want across your network, but you’ll also need to contribute to the inbound linking of quality partners. Don’t think that sharing another company’s infographic is counterproductive for your business. If you have a solid following on the social networks, highlighting other strong infographics will continue to bolster your reputation. People are always looking for what’s new and good in the┬áinfographic world. It won’t always come from you. But if you share quality content on a daily basis, whether it comes from you or not, people will pay attention when you release your own infographics.

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