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5 Tips Getting a Sluggish Android Phone Running Like New Again

It’s a mystery – you just bought your Android phone 6 months ago, and it’s already slowing down. Why? How? It seems impossible. The thing is practically brand new. Well, unfortunately, it’s a common problem with all Droid devices. Apps pile up, updates upon updates sap resources, and eventually you need to update the hardware. But, before you do, try a few of these tricks.

Restart The Phone

Sometimes restarting the phone will do the trick. Why? Because it will kill all of the apps running, clear out the memory, and give you a fresh start. It’s also the first trouble-shooting step that every single tech person will have you run. It’s not the best way to fix a problem, but it is the easiest way. It’s a sort of shotgun approach.

Force Kill Apps

If you want a more targeted approach to freeing up memory, try force-killing applications. Some apps run in the background and use up system resources. Unfortunately, these apps don’t always tell you what they’re doing. Sometimes, an app will turn on your GPS, for example, and transmit your location. Usually, it’s the apps that are free and ad-supported that do this.

Other times, it’s an app that simply continues running in the background when you no longer need it. Long-press the home button on newer Droid devices or tap the dedicated multitasking button. When the list of running apps pops up, swipe the ones you want to force-quit to the right or left. BAM! Instant free memory. You can also force-quit apps through the phone or tablet’s settings menu.

Use Vuze To Manage Video Files

Vuze is one of the most popular bittorent clients out there, and it can help you manage video files that eat up resources on your phone or tablet. By installing Vuze Torrent Downloader, you can set up categories for files that you regularly download (e.g., an RSS torrent or family photos and videos). From there, set up the auto-transcoding to move the torrent files to a target device.

So, if you regularly download an RSS video feed, you can move those videos to an external drive, your tablet, or a PC. This will help free up room on your Droid, decrease the use of system resources (aside from the torrent client downloading your content), and help simplify your life (since you won’t have to organize image, document, and video files anymore). Make sure that you don’t infringe on copyright, and take care in only sharing the files you want to share.

Pay Extra-Special Attention To Reviews

Unlike the Apple App store, Google Play doesn’t throw up a lot of barriers to entry. As a consequence, it’s easier to get malware in the network. So, read all of the reviews very carefully, and stay away from what appear to be new versions of popular applications or apps with few or no reviews.

Update Your Apps

Old applications are not only a security risk, they can use up more resources than necessary because there’s no more support for them. Keeping your apps updated to the latest version can speed up the loading of that app, and prevent conflicts with other apps.

Dino Ballinger has a great mind for technology. After years of fixing friends’ broken computers and customizing mobile phones with a variety of apps, he often blogs about the tips and tricks of maximizing today’s tech.

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James Davis • August 19, 2015

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