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11 Simple Usability Checklist for eCommerce Sites

56 11 Simple Usability Checklist for eCommerce SitesWith so many online stores, competition is very fierce. Therefore, usability of your site is a main focus; if you are a site owner, one simple software solution that you have available to you, is the use of Magento software.

With an online store, you must remain competitive, and be seen as a natural leader in the field. Impressing your target audience is the most important factor with any online site you run, with products and great pricing you offer. Without competitive prices, and great product lines, you can’t compete online today. Usability is also very important; viewers want something that is easy to navigate, and easy to find just what they are looking for.

These are usability criteria that viewers are looking for in websites; when you make use of Magento, you are going to be able to deliver on what the visitor is looking for when they visit your site.

  1. Headlines, sub heads, and breadcrumb navigation should be used; this makes surfing and finding items easier for shoppers.
  2. Phone number and contact details have to be easily found; they should be placed in a prominent position, and the customer should not have to search or fish around for them.
  3. A wishlist should be placed on the site. This allows the viewer to save items for later, they can email them to people, and it is a great feature that allows for easy shopping during the holiday season.
  4. A gift certificate option is a great feature. It allows customers to give a gift, but not the wrong one; it also makes it easier to shop for the toughest individuals, and those that never like the gift you choose for them.
  5. Search should be prominent, and in an easy to find location, so the visitor does not have to look all over the site to find it.
  6. Adding search by categories makes shopping easier, and helps customers narrow down the items they will find.
  7. Give customers the option to refine products; the colours, sizes, styles and different features, so they have more available to them when shopping.
  8. A show per page option is essential. This allows the searcher to see different number of items, on each page.
  9. Related products should be shown before checkout; this not only gives customers more items they might like, it also enhances the possibility you will earn more per sale.
  10. A picture and price aren’t enough; you need to include a product description, to give customers more information about use, and what the product is namely used for by other customers.
  11. A guest checkout option is also a must have on your page, if you want customers to shop on it. Some people do not want to register, but want a quick checkout option – give it to them.

These are some must haves on your e-commerce site page. When you use Magento to help you create, you will have all of these options, and can create the ideal page where customers want to buy.

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This post was contributed by one of our regular readers Mo Raja. He generally blogs within the technology, gadgets and online marketing topics and works for a mobile phone specialist insurer Protect Your Bubble. The guest post however is solely the opinion of Mo and not endorsed by any other individual or organisation.

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simonhopes • August 6, 2013

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