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10 Hot Tech Gadgets for The Gadget Lovers in 2013

65 10 Hot Tech Gadgets for The Gadget Lovers in 2013

News has been posted on the board that Apple no more remains in the list of best gadgets especially in 2013. This has given a great shock to IT users because Apple for last few years had ranked among the top three brand names.

Right after 2009, it is the very first time that Apple has failed to sustain its position and its highest purchased and demanded product i.e. iPad mini stands on 15th position unexpectedly. The most amazing news regarding best gadgets is that 3D printers have beaten every other product with great margins. They have changed the lives of users providing printing services for products including food printing, clothing, drugs, mobile phones, etc.

Right after 3D printers, Samsung is in top ten. Samsung S4 is on second position and is expected to be the most selling Android device of 2013. Sony PlayStation 4 is on number 3 providing lots of unique features and great gaming platform to the users. Let us have a quick look on the top 10 gadgets of 2013 but they are all presented in descending order with respect to their ranking.

10. Nvidia Project Shield

The most interesting portable gaming device standing on number 10 is Project Shield. It is an Android gadget providing maximum audio and best quality. Users enjoy playing high quality games on this device along with best connection of the device with the Wi-Fi.

9. Cambridge Audio Minx Air

This Cambridge device, standing on number 9, allows you to play music from any of your device i.e. smartphone or tablet. It is designed so superbly that users love to use it especially for listening music. It costs more than £300 and is available for the users on almost all famous outlets.

8. Pebble

Pebble is named as the first watch ever being introduced to the tech savvy users. You can download whatever you want in your watch to customize it as per your needs. Users can connect this watch to their iPhone and Android devices as well to receive all notifications and alerts on it.

7. Fujifilm X100S

It is a camera being designed for photography lovers. It provides them 16.3 megapixels result. Providing best autofocus, awesome zoom, a new processor, better interface, an awesome viewfinder, and many other features, this camera device is a perfect gadget of year 2013.

6. PaperTab

It is a nice way to manage paper documentation. It allows users to open one thing at a time but offers them access to many papers. This device is under construction and it is still not confirmed that when it will be released. However, opening mails, managing documents, working on presentations, and lots more tasks will become much easier with the help of this device.


This is expected to be the world’s largest television device right after its launch. To make use of organic LEDs providing 3840 X2160 resolutions display, this TV provides users with awesome display, screen resolution, images, and lots more. However, date of release and exact price is still not announced for this TV.

4. Google Glass

Google Glass is a mind-blowing gadget offering users with the lightest glasses, which they can wear. Users after wearing these glasses make use of their voice commands for taking pictures, recording videos, message sending, and speech translation. These glasses connect to the internet to use Google services for facilitating the user with hands-free smartphone.

3. Sony PlayStation 4

The best gaming platform i.e. Sony PlayStation 4, is going to bring superb revolution in IT field. Buttons with touch screen, and a fantastic console allow you to record, update, upload, edit, and customize gaming footage, which you can later on share with your mates.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung S4 is the most purchased and highly demanded smartphone. It provides users with lots of smart functionalities. Smart pause, smart touch, and smart scroll are few of the most common features provided by this device.

1.     3D Printers

Here we go; the most highly ranked gadget being adopted by numerous mobile users’ is 3D printers. They are expected to come in market with latest technology being adopted by infinite industries including clothing and medicine.

In nutshell, this kind of list will never end. However, we have provided you top ten gadgets of 2013, which are either recently launched or are about to launch.

Author bio:

This guest post is written by Simon Hopes who is a technology and gadget lover. He has previously written articles for the European brands such as which provide insurance quotes for iPhone 5 and for other gadgets.

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